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Restored Pianos

Restored Pianos Available in our Showroom, from our Piano Restoration Center

Manufacturer Model Serial # Finish Size Year G/U Price
Steinway Sold D 481519 Ebony Satin 9' 1982 Grand SOLD
Steinway & Sons C 49927 Rosewood Satin 7'4" 1881 Grand High 60's
Mason & Hamlin CC 1774 Ebony Satin 9' 1970 Grand Mid 60's
Mason & Hamlin CC 1 15745 Ebony Satin 9'4" 1905 Grand Low 90's
Chickering 15372 Ebony Satin 8'10" 1921 Grand Mid 50's

We have a large selection of Steinway, Mason and other high quality pianos available and in the process of being restored. Please contact us for more information.


Restored Pianos

Please contact us by email, phone or fax for pricing of these restored pianos.

Last updated 8/20/2018